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Kellaher Maintenance Engineering, LLC


Serving the Howard and Prince George's County areas of Maryland.



Doing your own electrical work can be tricky and dangerous at the same time. Don't take chances.  Call Kellaher Maintenance and we will send our electrical specialist to your home to do the job quickly, safely, and with the expertise and quality you should expect.

Installations, Repairs, and Retrofits

  • Replace or install ceiling fans
  • Replace switches and outlets
  • Replace GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets
  • Replace light fixtures
  • Install recessed lighting
  • Retro-fit old florescent lighting with LED
  • Bathroom and kitchen dimmer switches
  • Heavy-up electrical panels
Florescent Light LED Retrofit

Retrofit Old Florescent Lights


Recessed Lighting

ceiling fan

Ceiling Fans

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